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Meet the New UHP Blog Contributor – Jenna Curtis

Hi UHP! My name is Jenna Curtis and I’m one of the new student writers for the UHP Blog. I thought my first post should be something “about me” so you can get to know the person behind the updates! I’m a Junior from Salem, Oregon in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, studying Interior Design and the Fine Arts. Yes that’s right, GW offers an Undergraduate degree, as well as a far more popular Graduate degree, in Interior Design. The department is located on The Vern, so if you don’t go up there often you probably haven’t seen us around (we’re the ones with big cloth portfolios and long, colorful tubes full of rolled-up paper). I am also a UHP student and one of the first batch to go through the redesigned Honors curriculum. I love listening to what students have to say about the program – even if it’s a complaint – so that we know what works and what may need adjusting. I have also been employed behind the desk in the Honors Office, and lived on the Honors floor in Munson. My favorite time of year is spring visitations, when all of the potential freshmen come to visit and find out what UHP is all about. I guess you could say I’m a big fan of the Honors Program!

This is what I look like:

The reason you won’t see me around campus this semester is that I am currently studying abroad in London, England until June. I encourage you all to go abroad your Junior year, too! The UHP is great about giving students total freedom to study somewhere new and exciting. Even though I am 3000 miles away, I will still continue to update with my perspective of life at GW, cultural tid-bits, insights into the Honors Program, and other tips on how to live Honorably. (Or, as they spell it out here, Honourably. I’m not sure where that extra U comes from…)

I look forward to writing for the UHP Blog and giving you all the creative, insightful, and informative things I can think of. Until my next post, I’ll leave you with a few more interesting facts about myself:

Favorite Food: Starches (Pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite GW Advisors: Catherine and Jordana, they are teh best!
Favorite GW “Event”: The Mount Vernon to Mount Vernon bike ride.
Favorite Restaurant in DC: Taj of India (they deliver!)
Favorite Thing to Do in DC: Walk around the National Mall at night.
Favorite Animal and Generally Favorite Thing Ever: BIRDS!