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The Return of Finals Distractions – Throwback Post!

Just when you thought you were safe from YouTube videos… It’s finals week over here in London, and in honor of the awesome distractions provided for you during finals, I thought I’d contribute some of my own. Enjoy these at your leisure – after all, you don’t have any more exams to worry about!!

Hopefully you all noticed the great tribute to PacMan on Google today.

It makes me a bit nostalgic to think about PacMan (and its arcade counterpart, Mrs. PacMan). And perhaps more so for all of those graduating seniors, who look back on their “early years” from so far down the road. Don’t you wish you could return to those days of 8-Bit Graphics and Cassette Tapes? And classic video games like Tetris, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and Space Invaders? Well, we may not have a time-machine (YET, according to Stephen Hawkings), but we can certainly honor their memories through great videos like these:

This first video shows us the horrors of When Pixels Attack!

Did you ever look at pixels and think Hey, those blocks kind of look like LEGOs!? Then this second video is for you. It’s a tribute to 8-Bit NES Video Games made entirely from LEGOs!


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Perhaps not as interactive as Final Distraction III was… but just as entertaining.

Now where was I? Of course – studying for finals! Or maybe just one more check of Facebook…