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The QWERTY Effect: Does Typing Affect the Meaning of Words? [Good Article]

If you find a word easier to type, you might just give it a more positive connotation than you otherwise would.  So says this article from WIRED Science.

“We know how a word is spoken can affect its meaning. So can how it’s typed,” said cognitive scientist Kyle Jasmin of the University of College London, co-author of a study about the so-called “QWERTY effect” in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. “As we filter language, hundreds or thousands of words, through our fingers, we seem to be connecting the meanings of the words with the physical way they’re typed on the keyboard.”

Sound strange?  If you’re in Prof. Rollberg’s capstone class this semester about reading and the human brain, the idea won’t sound so far out to you.  Check out the full article for a quick, but enlightening read.