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Get Involved in Research this Summer (Whether You’re In D.C. Or Not)!

Consider getting involved as a research assistant over the summer.  Prof. Buntman is looking for an undergraduate who has a bit of extra time this summer to work with her and another undergraduate on issues pertaining to criminal justice, sentencing policy, and political reform movements.  This opportunity can be done from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection, so it’s great for anyone who is going home but is interested in being academically engaged over the summer.

The expectations of this summer position have been specifically tailored so that individuals with full time jobs/internships/other commitments during the summer are able to participate if interested.  No specific per week or per month time commitment is necessary; the time commitment could be as little or as large as the individual desires.  Candidates must have at least periodic access to internet; but other than that, this position is highly flexible.  The project involves identifying and coding relevant newspaper/news/internet and similar sources of information and periodically communicating with the research team (via email, telephone, snail mail, etc.) about the project.

Candidates who excel during the the summer (non-credit) position would gain valuable skills and knowledge about the process of conducting academic research, and could potentially segue the experience into the Fall 2012 (for-credit) position.

Apply here:

and ask questions of Honors Program senior Adam Bethke at bethke@gwmail.gwu.edu.