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SPA is Here to Help!

We’ve assembled a crack team of Student Peer Advisors here to answer your every question and assuage your every fear. They’re hanging out in the Foggy Bottom townhouse all this week and next in order to help you get through registration unscathed.

If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers. Should you take math? Should you take an extra math for fun? Should you major in math? Should you write a thesis in mathing? (They can even answer non-math related questions!!)

Overwhelmed by options? Underwhelmed by how far your GWorld money is going? Want to go abroad? Want to stay here forever? Us too. And SPA will be here, as long as you need them, until they have class or another obligation or something. Here’s the actual schedule if you’re not much for gambling.

Come and hang out…nothing sadder than a SPAcialist with no one to SPAssist.

Remember: You is smart. You is kind. You are welcome at the Townhouse for free advising. See you soon!