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Baking and Bonding Events with the SPA!

SPA Kate Kozak is organizing a few bonding events for UHPers today and this coming Monday!
1) Friday (today!), 4/25, we’ll be holding a Bake ‘n’ Take in the West Hall kitchen in the honors hall— we’ll take over and be doing all sorts of baking/decorating from 7pm to about 9pm, or for people with less time, they can drop off things or come to feast. Think of it like a bake sale, but without having to pay for the goodies. Added bonus- use up all that sugar and flour you have hanging around your kitchen, or experiment on that crazy digestive biscuit recipe you’ve been thinking about but haven’t gotten around to.
2) Monday, 4/28, we’ll be holding a Letter-Writing Event in the Townhouse. There will be paper and assorted writing materials available to write a letter of thanks or appreciation to your favorite Honors community member, or draw a pretty picture for your fridge. The Club Room will be ours from 4 until 6, but materials will be in the townhouse all day!