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Extracurricular Opportunity

Thinking about grad school? Get a head start with a dual-degree from GW!

Thinking about grad school? Get a head start with a dual-degree from GW!

Sophomore year, as I was completing yet another four year plan, I realized that I had a lot of room in my schedule. I didn’t want to graduate early, so I considered adding another major, going abroad for a full year (instead of one semester), but ultimately decided on pursuing a dual-degree program.

GW has a variety of dual-degree programs. As a Political Science major, I considered a few different degrees. For most dual-degree programs you apply during your spring semester junior year. As a junior, I was recently accepted into the dual-degree program by the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration pursing a Master of Public Administration.

Why a dual degree? There are several reasons I am very excited to start completing my master at GW senior year. First, I’m excited to have a new academic challenge senior year that has me reengage in my academics. Second, I feel a sense of relief as a junior that I already have a plan for after senior year. Finally, I’m excited to stay with GW. After exploring some different schools, GW appeals to be for the same reasons that it did as an undergraduate. The city has an immense amount of opportunities to intern and gain more experience while pursuing a degree.

Save time and money! There is along list of other considerations that made a dual-degree program the right choice for me. A couple other things to consider are the financial and time benefits. Because of my undergraduate scholarship and how requirements double count between my BA and MPA, I’m saving money. Additionally, I’m very excited about going straight through. After going abroad and experiencing a different type of learning, I got a taste of what stopping and then reemerging in academics felt like. It was hard to get back in the swing of things, and I’m glad to be going straight through to graduate school to pursue a degree that I know I what and will serve me well in my career.

Recommendations: Talk to people! Of course. Talk with our UHP advisors. Talk with other UHP students. Talk with the liaison of the program your thinking about. Also, if you’re seriously considering it, make sure you understand the requirements (particularly the standardized test requirement). Requirements vary from program to program and you don’t want a silly test to stand in the way of you and this great opportunity.