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Research Assistant Opportunity

MEN Count: Black Men’s Structural and Behavioral HIV Risk [Research Assistant]

MEN Count: Evaluating an Intervention Affecting Black Men’s Structural and Behavioral HIV Risk

Prof. Lisa Bowleg

The Project: MEN Count is an HIV intervention and prevention program for Black heterosexual men. Researchers at GWU and the University of California San Diego have partnered with Calvary Healthcare, a local community based organization and the SE STD Clinic to evaluate the program.

The MEN Count program is delivered by a peer case manager using a curriculum that integrates risk reduction and gender-equity counseling with housing and employment case management. The program is being evaluated using a randomized control trial design.

Research Assistant Tasks: Research assistants will be trained to recruit, screen and enroll participants in the program at our main office located at Calvary Healthcare, and our off-site office at the Southeast STD clinic. Enrollment includes administering a survey using a tablet as well as conducting rapid HIV screenings and STI screenings for participants.

RAs will also be trained on how to input data and data management using the study’s Mshare program. RAs will also be responsible for completing participant retention activities (i.e. scheduling follow-up appointments, check-ins with participants, etc.).

Time Commitment: 7-9 hours per week

Credit Hour Option: TBD

Application Instructions: Students should send their resume to the Project Director (PD), Jenne’ Massie. Interested students will have the opportunity to discuss the project further with the PD. Recruitment is a big part of this RA position so students should be prepared to talk about any experience they have relevant to recruitment, sales, community interaction, etc

Contact Email: massiej@gwu.edu