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Research Assistant Opportunity

Brokering Cooperation [Research Assistant]

Brokering Cooperation

Professor Eric Grynaviski

The Project: Who matters in International Politics? Most accounts of decision making in American Foreign Policy emphasize a thin number of agents, from Secretaries of State to Presidents. This project asks about how “ordinary people,” such as traders, missionaries, or low-level government officials, have affected American Foreign Policy, especially cooperation with militias.
This is very fun research.

Research Assistant Tasks: The primary task will be archival research at three sites in Washington, DC. Two are right on the metro. The third has a short shuttle bus. All are free. I will walk the RA through the process to explain how to do archival research. It is preferred that the RA have a camera with good resolution (not an Iphone).

The specific research can be geared to student interest, including Native Americans in the Civil War or the wars in the American West, the Philippines, or partisans in the Second World War.

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per week

Credit Hours Option: Consult with your adviser.

Application Instructions: Please send a transcript, brief statement of your interests, and why you would want to work on the project (one page or less is fine).

This project may be useful for students interested in political science, international affairs, sociology, history, or related fields.

Contact Email: ericgryn@gwu.edu