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Research Assistant Opportunity

Election Alliances in India [Research Assistant]

Election Alliances in India

Professor Adam Ziegfeld

The Project: Before almost every election in India, parties bargain with one another to form what are known as pre-election alliances or seat-sharing agreements, which determine how and in which seats a party will field candidates. These agreements have a huge impact in determining how many seats each party wins and who ultimately comes to power after the election. I am currently in the early stages of a new book project that explores election alliances in India. It asks questions such as: Why do parties sometimes form alliances but not at other times? With whom do parties ally? Do these alliances last after the election? 

Research Assistant Tasks: I am looking for a research assistant to help me with data collection for this project. Data collection will involve locating Indian newspaper sources at the library, conducting searches of online journal databases, and then using these resources to collect and record information on election alliances. The project could also involve, depending on the project’s progress and student interest, writing up short memos on the history of electoral cooperation in a particular election or state. The project requires a student familiar with navigating online library resources. Preferred qualifications also include a student with some knowledge of Indian politics and experience using the library’s archival resources (such as microfilm). 

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per week

Credit Hour Option: 2

Application Instructions: Please send me a CV/resume along with a short statement indicating your GPA (if not on your resume), courses taken, and any relevant skills or experience. Also, please indicate how many hours you would like to work, as I am flexible about the weekly time commitment. 

Contact Email: awz@gwu.edu