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Research Assistant Opportunity

Genes, environment and the development of childhood temperament [Research Assistant]

Genes, environment and the development of childhood temperament

Professor Jody M. Ganiban

The Project: This study focuses on the impact of genes and environment on children’s development of temperament (personality) during the preschool years. In particular, we are interested in understanding how much parents influence their children’s negativity, fearfulness, positivity, and activity levels vs. how much children’s genetic makeup affect their parents’ behaviors. This study is also designed to examine the degree to which children’s genes and parenting predict early symptoms of behavioral and emotional problems and school readiness. 

Research Assistant Tasks: Research assistants will primarily help us rate the quality of parent-child interactions when the participants are 3, 4, and 5 years of age. Parents and children will be observed as they work together on specific tasks or play together.
There is also the opportunity to become involved in writing manuscripts for publication. 

Time Commitment: 7-9 hours per week

Credit Hour Option: 3

Application Instructions: Send me the following information:
1. Major field of study, year (i.e., freshman, sophomore, etc)
2. Previous research experience
3. Ability to commit for 1 semester versus 2 semesters (we prefer a 2 semester commitment).

Contact Email: ganiban@gwu.edu