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Research Assistant Opportunity

Technology, Work and Golbalization [Research Assistant]

Professor David Alan Grier

Department: Elliott School

The Project

This project explores the technological foundations of globalization and its impact on work and workers. The technological contributions to globalization have been evident form the start. The announcement in Geneva of one of the key institutions of global trade, the WTO, occurred one week before the announcement of the programable digital computer in Philadelphia.

At this stage, the project seeks to build a detailed chronology of globalization and technology with a supportive bibliography. It will involve the use of primary resources at the LOC and the WTO library in Geneva and a few other research libraries.

The GW faculty leading this project is the former Editor in Chief of the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. One of the non-GW faculty is a former representative to the WTO.

Research Assistant Tasks

Build a detailed chronology using secondary sources from research databases. Connect material to primary sources at the WTO library and other places. The time commitment can vary depending on the interests of the research assistant but we are looking for at least 6 hours a week.

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per week

Contact Emailgrier@gwu.edu

Additional Instructions for ApplyingA successful applicant will have skills in electronic research and have some experience with a research library. They should also know Microsoft Word and Excel. They should submit an email explaining their interest in the project, their qualifications, and what qualities that they would bring to the work.

Any prospect applicant seeking information about working with this research team, might contact Honors Graduate Melissa Gedney, who worked with them last year.