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Research Assistant Opportunity

American Muslims: History, Culture, and Politics [Research Assistantship]

Department: Religion
Professor Irene Oh Koukios

The Project: The project involves both research on the topic of American Muslims, and translating that research into a multi-media online format. The research is an extension of a Summer Institute sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities that centers around two important questions: What impact has American culture had in shaping the religious identities of American Muslims and in the creation of a uniquely American Muslim identity? What impact have American Muslims had on the religious, cultural, and political life of the United States? We probe the experiences of individuals and communities, using their journeys to illustrate wider trends in the American Muslim population.

The goal of this project is to catalyze the study and teaching of the Muslim presence in the United States. We provide college faculty with ideas and tools for developing new courses or revising existing courses on Islam in America; and second, create a multimedia website offering extensive pedagogical resources for educators in the United States and abroad. The Institute itself draws upon the collaboration of 25 faculty from around the country, sponsored by the NEH, who have been selected to contribute to this exciting endeavor.

Tasks: The research assistant will prepare research and materials on the topic of American Muslims generated by the NEH Summer Institute for online presentation. This will involve collating, organizing, and fact-checking research developed by teams of faculty on topics ranging from Muslims and the American slave trade to Muslim Hip-Hop to Islamic feminism. The student will help to think about presenting the material online in the most effective way possible, and then help with the design of the online resource.

Time Commitment/ Credits: 4-6 hours per week; 3 credits

Contact Email: ireneoh@gwu.edu

To Apply: Please send me an email explaining why you are best suited for this research assistantship, and include both your resume and your GPA. Students with an interest in Islam, American history, teaching, and with experience in website creation are especially encouraged to apply.