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Research Assistant Opportunity

Gun Control, The Empirical Controversy [Research Assistantship]

Department: Sociology
Professor Robert J. Cottrol

The Project:  For this I would want an undergraduate familiar with basic social science research techniques including the ability to do basic literature reviews. The student should also have a knowledge of elementary statistics such as might be gained from the undergraduate statistics course in sociology, political science or other social science disciplines. Student would review literature from a variety of disciplines, criminology, economics, sociology, public health and public policy, among others. Review would also include student’s critical examination of the literature and discussion of whether there are different perspectives on topic depending on discipline. An examination of the extent to which scholars in this field look at each others work, particularly across disciplines would be important

Tasks: Literature reviews summarizing and critiquing empirical studies on gun control.

Time Commitment/ Credits: 4-6 hours per week; 3 credits

Contact Email: bcottrol@law.gwu.edu

To Apply: Email your undergraduate year, major, career interests, and resume.