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Research Assistant Opportunity

African Diaspora Project [Research Assistantship]

Professor Yvonne Captain

The Project:  Researching the whereabouts and movement (migration) of African Diaspora communities in the Americas, including those who are descendants of slaves in the United States. Of special interest is the migration of Creoles of Louisiana to other parts of the United States and to other regions of the Americas.



–Mine archival data as recent as last year or as early as the 1720s.
–Research will occur mostly through GW online access or physically at the Library of Congress and other local libraries
–possible transcription of interviews that the professor conducted with participants


Time Commitment/ Credit: 7-9 hours per week; 3 credit opportunity


Contact Address: ycaptain@gwu.edu


To Apply: Email me know of your interest. Prior knowledge of the African Diaspora is not necessary. No language requirement except good skills in the English language. Can be less hours if you prefer. Let me know so that I can hire more than one assistant.

–let me know when you are available to do the work

–either at end of spring semester or beginning of summer