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Research Assistant Opportunity

Christian Zionism in American Thought [Research Assistantship]

Department: Political Science
Professor Samuel Goldman


The Project: This project is an attempt to understand why American Christians have historically expressed such strong support for the idea of a Jewish state in some portion of the Biblical promised land. Focusing on public arguments in books, pamphlets, and sermons, it traces the discourse of Christian Zionism from the Puritans to the present day. I pay special attention to claims that the United States has a special role to play in establishing/supporting such a state. According to Christian Zionists, how is America’s destiny intertwined with Israel’s?


Tasks: The research assistant will help with the following tasks:

1) Locating and collecting primary sources in internet and library searches.

2) Verifying quotes and citations.

3) Proofreading manuscripts.


Time Commitment/ Credits: 1-3 hours per week; 1 credit


Contact Email: swgoldman@gwu.edu


To Apply: Applicants should send an unofficial transcript and a short statement indicating their background for or interest in this project, as well as any prior research experience.