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Board Games and Brunch With the UHP!

No Clue what you’re doing for brunch on Sunday, November 15? Concerned that studying for classes and other Trivial Pursuits have a Monopoly on your time? Give your Cranium a break, and get a Life. (That was a little mean… Sorry!) Don’t go through the Trouble of making plans – it doesn’t need to be a whole Operation. We’ve got you covered.

if-youre-not-prepared-to-lose-every-friend-you-have-playing-a-board-gameThe Programming Board will be hosting brunch in the Townhouse next Sunday, November 15 between 11 and 1! There will be bagels, muffins, and board games… oh my!

Show up ready to win or pop in for a quick bite, but either way, please make sure to RSVP!