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Honors Upperclass Housing Community

Living in Honors housing as a sophomore, junior, or senior is a great way to lock down your housing and roommates early, bask in the glow of other Honors students, secure a spot in a great residence hall, and avoid the potential hazards of living on a floor full of randos.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, we are pleased to offer a group of affinities, doubles, and quads on the fifth floor of District Hall! Please note that different residence halls have different prices, you can find a list for housing rates here. Only sign up for housing with the UHP if you actually intend to live there.

There are three types of rooms available: affinity doubles, studio doubles, and two bedroom quads. Affinity doubles are groups of 16-20 doubles with shared kitchens, common spaces, and bathrooms. Studio doubles are efficiency-style with a kitchen and bathroom. Two bedroom quads are two doubles with a shared kitchen, common space, and bathroom.

Please note, the upperclass Honors housing community is an established Academic Residential Community (ARC). You do not need to apply for Affinity Housing to live in this community.

Applying for the Honors housing community requires 4 steps:

  1. Fill out the upperclass Honors Housing application by Monday, February 8.
    Through this Google Doc, you can request desired roommates. All roommates must be members of the Honors Program, and each roommate must fill this form out separately – no one can be signed up by proxy. UHPers can also sign up for housing individually and then be placed in a quad with other students that applied individually or in groups smaller than four. Room type preference can be requested, but is not guaranteed.
  2. Confirm roommate assignment via email.
    Applicants will be contacted by an Honors Program Officer by email to confirm roommate assignment.
  3. Receive email from GW Housing.
    GW Housing will reach out to you with instructions to complete the housing lottery, the date you will be able to sign up, and your RMS number for the application.
  4. Complete the general housing application.
    Once you have received your email from GW Housing, access GW Housing e-Services to complete the self check-in process.