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Extracurricular Opportunity

Religious Freedom Colloquium: New Date Added!

Back by popular demand, Professor Chistov is hosting a second religious freedom colloquium.

Register here to participate in a discussion colloquium on “Religious Freedom” Saturday, April 16th in the Club Room of the Honors townhouse.

Sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS), this day-long colloquium will center on informal, yet serious, discussion with just fifteen participants. Dr. Theo Christov and Dr. Sam Goldman will serve as the discussion leaders in order to facilitate an in-depth exploration of the questions and challenges raised by a set of readings (totaling around 150 pages), which will be provided to you to read in advance. The readings include classical texts on religious freedom from thinkers like Locke and Tocqueville, to more contemporary arguments from John Rawls, to Supreme Court cases like Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.

This is an all day event, so please be sure that your schedule allows you to arrive in time for breakfast and be present through the concluding dinner Saturday night. You will be expected to attend the full program, including discussions, meals, and socials. As compensation for your participation, IHS will provide you a $100 stipend.

We are eager to embark on this intellectual adventure with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Christov at christov@gwu.edu.