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Knot Theory: Editing, Programming, and Thinking [Research Assistantship]

Department: Mathematics
Professor Jozef Przytycki

Project Description:  Knot Theory is a discipline of modern mathematics, part of topology (geometria situs). Student(s) will assist me with editing programing and doing research in Knot

Duties: Students under my supervision will be involved in tasks as below:
1. Student would assist in preparing/editing research paper for arXiv submission (and eventual publication). Student has to learn LaTeX and how to draw figures in xfig or other similar program.

2. Many invariants of graphs and knots require pattern testing which require to write simple (or not that simple) programs. Also programs are needed to analyze simple algebraic structures related to knots.

I assume student would assist me 4-6 hours a week (2 credit) but I am flexible, so more, or less is possible.

Time Commitment/Credits: 4-6 hours per week (average); 2 credits

To Apply: Submit Cover Letter/Resume to przytyck@gwu.edu