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A Continent Erupts: War and the Shaping of Contemporary Asia 1946-1954 [Research Assistant]

Professor: Ronald Spector
Department: History

Title: [Book] “A Continent Erupts: War and the Shaping of Contemporary Asia

Description: World War II ended in August 1945. Yet in many countries of Asia more people died through war-related violence, communal conflict and genocide than than had died during the entire Second World War,

My project is a book length study of the post-World War II conflicts in China, India, Indochina, Indonesia, Malaya and Korea that examines the origins, conduct and  nature of these wars as well as their relationship to each other and their long-term consequences. The book is under contract to W.W. Norton for completion in Spring 2018.
The research assistant will have the opportunity to perform independent archival research in repositories such as the National Archives and the and the Library of Congress. I am willing to provide traing in techniques and practices related to working in these repositories.The research assistant will also have the opportunity to familiarize him/herself with the issues and techniques involved in preparing a scholarly book for a mass audience.
Preferred, but not mandatory qualifications for a research assistant

Duties:  Independent archival research, library and periodical research, translations,, oral history research, preparation of research summaries. (Student with good reading knowledge of French or an Asian language

Time commitment: 1-3 hours per week (average)

Credit hour option: 1

Submit Cover Letter/Resume to: spector@gwu.edu