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West Hall Hike w. Prof. Ralkowski

Profressor Ralkowski has partnered with TRAiLS to organize a hike on Sunday, February 19th. The hike will be on the Billy Goat trail, which is not far from here. The hike involves moderate rock scrambling, beautiful views, and walking along rocky cliffs! There is very little elevation gain, so it is not a strenuous hike, but the loop takes about three hours. If you are at all worried about having fun on a Sunday when you ought to be working, don’t forget that you have that Monday off because it is President’s Day weekend!

The plan is to meet at Marvin Center at 10:00am the morning of the 19th and you will be back to campus by 2:30pm. Space is limited, so sign up asap!  Fill out this form (and where it asks for payment, DO NOT pay anything–just put “Mark Ralkowski” in the form and say that you are in his group): https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSduMlLO7scu4Dvx8y…/viewform


Save the date: If you cannot make it on this hike, don’t despair! There is a larger annual UHP hike tentatively scheduled for April 22nd. That one is going to Old Rag, which is probably the best hike in the Mid Atlantic. So, if nothing else, save that date!