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Woody Allen Movie Screening with Prof. Ralkowski

More than 2,500 years ago, an ancient Greek inscribed the words, “Know Thyself” on the walls of Apollo’s temple at Delphi. What a fascinating imperative to receive from a god! What does it mean to have self-knowledge, and how can we attain it? Woody Allen’s film, Another Woman, addresses these ancient questions with a haunting story about a middle-aged woman who appears to have it all. She is married, successful, brilliant, and respected by most people in her life. But nothing is as it seems. Her life isn’t what she thought it was. How could this be? Come join us on Friday for pizza, popcorn, candy, and a fascinating movie that is also just a pleasure to watch. We will screen the movie and follow it up with a free-form conversation about many of the issues that it raises.

Join Professor Ralkowski in the Club Room on Friday, 3/3 at 6PM! RSVP here.