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Extracurricular Opportunity

Submit to The GW Scientific Review

My name is Maggie Steiner, and I am a current CCAS freshman joining UHP in the fall. I am so excited to meet all of you!

I am the founder and president of a new student organization called The GW Scientific Review, which is an undergraduate research journal for STEM fields. We are  currently accepting abstract submissions for our first edition. As many of you are involved in research or writing senior theses, I know that this would be a great opportunity for UHP students to have their research published.

Submissions are accepted from any STEM-related field. We will request full papers for abstracts which pass the first phase of our peer-editing process. The deadline for abstract submission is March 22, 2017. You can submit online via the following form:


I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You may contact us at: scientificreview@gwu.edu