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My Farewell (gulp)

Students, colleagues, alumni, friends: I am moving with my family to Massachusetts and leaving DC and GW by the end of the summer. When I have determined my final day in the office I will let you know, but the whole staff of the Honors Program agreed it was best to tell you sooner rather than later. The UHP has the support of the Provost’s office and Human Resources to launch a search for a new Program Officer promptly. In the meantime, I’ll be transitioning my responsibilities to the amazing Mary Rothemich. I have been a solo act a few times so I know what a challenge it is, especially in September and October, and Mary will manage with aplomb! You remain in the best of hands with Mary, Alex, Eydie, Prof. Frawley, and the whole faculty.

My wife and I have decided to move for a few reasons, but mostly we miss our family. With two small children we want to be close to our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and other family and friends. We’ll be relocating to Haverhill, MA, where our eldest can start kindergarten in his new school. There’s no lack of colleges and universities in the Boston area, of course, and I’ll be searching for a position as rewarding and challenging as this one.

The UHP was the start of my professional career, my first permanent job after graduate school. I felt fortunate to be hired but never would have expected to spend thirteen years creating an extraordinary and dynamic academic community. It has been my honor. And yes, that was one more pun for the road.

Because this is Honors, I’m giving you reading assignments for your #honorsproblems.

When you despair of the world, read E.M. Forster’s “What I Believe”.

When you despair of your life, read David Foster Wallace’s “This is Water”.

Prof. Frawley has suggested (tbh demanded) that I visit frequently, and I solemnly swear I’ll be back for your graduations. As I’ve told so many alumni on their graduation, this is never over. Follow me on twitter, find me on facebook, add catherinebradychandler@gmail.com to your address book.

You remain in my heart and I fully expect to hear from you for years to come.

Catherine Chandler, M.A.
Program Officer