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The How, What, and Where of News [Research Assistantship]

Professor: Nikki Usher
Department: Media and Public Affairs

Title: The How, What, and Where of News

Description: Work with Dr. Nikki Usher, a Faculty Fellow of UHP in Spring 2018. She is working on on “The How, What, and Where of News,” a book that will focus on the relationship between trust, authority, and the work that journalists do.

Duties: Research will involve assistance in building literature reviews, annotating/assisting with references, manuscript preparation, fact-checking, and coding. Sample tasks might involve going through field notes to check for dates, putting together a timeline of events, or preparing summaries of chapters/articles, or formatting endnotes. There will also be possible involvement in other research projects such as an in-progress study of beltway journalism and political communication. The student may be asked to do some research interviews after methods training and IRB certification. Possible for co-authorship on popular press and/or journal articles may be available depending on student’s capacity and interest (for a sample of this, see: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/future_tense/2017/07/why_haven_t_reporters_mass_adopted_secure_tools_for_communicating_with_sources.html)

Time commitment: 4-6 hours per week (average, perhaps paid!?)

Credit hour option*: 3

Please submit CV and weekly schedule of class/extra curriculars to Dr. Usher at nusher@gwu.edu.

*If credit is sought, all registration deadlines and requirements must be met.  Students selected to be research assistants should contact Mary Rothemich at rothemich@gwu.edu whether they intend to pursue credit or not.