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Win $500 Toward Research with the SURE Award

Did you know that Honors students have the exclusive opportunity to win up to $500 for their research? It’s true!  Apply to the UHP/Sigelman Undergraduate Research Enhancement Award (SURE) and we might just cut you a check.

We know “Undergraduate Research Enhancement” doesn’t sound that exciting (well, to most people at least, but you are UHPers), but what you can actually do with that money is amazing.  Some of last year’s winners used the funds to study youth activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, explore the culture of recycling in Buenos Aires, and present research findings at a national conference!

The application includes:

  1. Student Application Form
  2. Faculty Support Form

The possibilities are endless, but the deadline to apply for funds for fall 2017 or spring or summer 2018 is Friday, October 6th.