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#HonorsProblems: Admitting You’re Doing Too Much

The following blog post was written by peer advisor Chrissy, a CCAS sophomore studying english and creative writing, German, and maybe film studies (but maybe not).

Chrissy in action! (She’s about 85% large blonde hair)

I’ve recently decided to consider dropping my minor. I know it’s the right thing to do, but a part of me is still clinging to the feeling of accomplishment that comes with saying, “Hi, I’m Chrissy, and I’m double majoring in English and Creative Writing and German and minoring in Film Studies.” So many of us are trying to do as much as humanely possible in 4 years, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles to admit that I’m doing too much.

It was actually the Honors small group slide about “bad reasons to do a minor” that caught me, and not as an over-enthusiastic freshman rearing to make the perfect, packed, flawless 4 year plan, but as a sophomore peer advisor thinking about what advice I’d give to my freshman. I probably wouldn’t recommend double majoring and minoring because it’s exhausting and a lot of work, especially if you struggle with time management like I do. More than once, a friend has introduced me to their parents as “the one who sleeps less than I do.” As amusing as this is, I realize that I should take my own advice and drop my credit count.

I applied to college as a double major English and German, and have only continued to add activities since then. First it was the creative writing aspect of the major, then Honors classes, then a “just-for-fun” film class at CI registration that turned into a minor when I made my 4-year plan. I auditioned for orchestra and not only joined, but volunteered to be a librarian. I joined GW Dems and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I began looking into study abroad options in Germany, and became a peer advisor at the end of freshman year. This year, I am Secretary of the GW Orchestra, in addition to librarian.

I put a double major and a minor and honors classes and studying abroad and orchestra (are you out of mental breath?) into my 4-year plan and decided that that was my course, that while the order of the classes might change, my next 4 years were set. This was my over-excited freshman-self focusing only on taking 18 credits every semester (until I was cut off and pushed down to 17) and cramming as many classes as possible in. I didn’t consider that I might want to leave my room on a weeknight and actually do something, or that, to quote Ed Sheeran, “two hours ain’t enough for me,” of course referring to sleep.

These are my words of wisdom: remember that the 4-year plan is not set in stone. Remember that 4 years is a long time and that we will change and so might our goals. Realize that everyone has a different level of “too much,” and that we need to focus more on finding our own abilities than comparing ourselves to others. Don’t forget to enjoy the college experience and leave the dorm room!