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Fall 2018 Registration Guide

GET EXCITED! It’s almost time to register!  But before you can register for next semester’s classes, you have some housekeeping to do.  Find out how to get your holds removed and where to find the best courses for you next semester.

Registration Schedule
***Thursday, April 12: Honors Freshmen (Privileged Registration)***

April 16
90 or more hours (credits) earned
April 17
70 or more hours (credits) earned
April 18
50 or more hours (credits) earned
April 19
30 or more hours (credits) earned
April 20
0 or more hours (credits) earned

Registration is open from 7AM-12AM.

Sophomores, worried about registering without privileged registration? Read these Peer Advisor words of wisdom.

If you’re not sure when you register, you can check your earned credit hours in GWeb using the following path: Student Records & Registration Menu > Student Records Information Menu > Transcripts > View Unofficial Transcripts. Make sure you’re looking at overall hours earned for the accurate total!

Urgent Hold Information

Check your record via GWeb regarding holds prior to your scheduled registration time.  Any hold on your account will prevent access to registration. You can view any holds on your account by looking at: Student Records & Registration Menu > Student Records Information Menu > View Administrative Holds.

Make sure to check now and again in the days lead up to registration. Check early, and check often! BADLY TIMED HOLDS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU:


Fall Registration Advising

All honors students are encouraged to see a Honors Program Officer before registration. Make sure you are prepared with a tentative course schedule using the Fall 2018 Schedule of Classes and Honors course descriptions. As new course information and revisions become available we will update the website. Please re-check the information on the Schedule of Classes and the Honors site before you register to ensure that you’re up-to-date!

Please use our wide selection of dates to your advantage – plan on meeting with an advisor at a time that is most practical given your registration date. Students may discuss registration (and remove an advising hold, if applicable) by one of the following options:

  1. Attend an advising pizza party in the Honors Townhouse Club Room:
    Friday, April 6th from 10 to 1145 a.m. (bagels, not pizza!)
    Wednesday, April 11th from 4 to 6 p.m
    Thursday, April 12th from 4 to 6 p.m
  2. Make an appointment with an advisor online at honorsprogram.gwu.edu/make-appointment.