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#HonorsProblems: Summer Lovin, Had Me a Blast!

The following blog post is written by Peer Advisor Brianna, a pre-health sophomore studying Public Health in Milken.

Summers are always a crucial time for me to get ahead in my classes, pick up some more volunteer hours, or even make some extra money. Last summer, I decided to take a course at my local university so that I could get ahead in my classes. I only took one course so I was able to relax in the afternoons with my friends. I recommend taking a summer course if you would like to keep learning and get ahead in classes. If taking a summer class is not for you, there are many other ways to spend your summer.

During my summer course, I also worked a part time job at the pool. This was the perfect job for me because I went to class in the morning and I would go to the pool and help run summer camp. I thought that running after little children all day would drain the energy out of me but surprisingly, I had so much energy after my class and work. Working over the summer was a great decision for me because I was able to come into the fall semester with some extra money to spend. Some other activities that you can do over the summer are volunteering, shadowing, research, internships, or externships.

A word of advice: Plan to do something over your break. I know that you may be worn out by the end of the semester but you will get bored so fast if you have nothing planned. However, try not to pack your summer with a huge load of activities because you don’t want to come into the Fall semester drained of energy either! Make sure to have a good balance of productivity and relaxation.