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#HonorsProblems: Sorry to Burst Your (GW) Bubble

The following blog post was written by peer advisor Allie, a CCAS junior studying economics and math. Allie is abroad this semester and writing from London with love!

Kensington Palace, London

Hiya! I’m currently studying abroad in the lovely city of London and having a wonderful time (if you are considering going abroad, I highly recommend it). Whenever I am talking to friends back home and they ask me how I’m liking London, I always answer that London is a great city filled with so much to do and I am constantly taking advantage of new opportunities.

I knew I only had a couple months here so I’ve been making sure to try as much as I can and really see what the city has to offer me. I am constantly looking for new things to do—whether it’s getting recommendations from friends or even the friendly salesperson or waiter, searching online for unique things to do (yes, secretldn.com has become my most visited sight), or searching social media for those trendy places. Now I do this in DC as well, but here’s the difference, this semester, I’ve actually been going to these places.

My freshman year a friend of mine who was a senior told me “I did more cool DC things my freshman year than all other years combined.” Obviously, I assumed that I would be different and that I would always push myself to leave Foggy Bottom, but I haven’t. I got so caught up with my GW life that sometimes I forgot to go live my DC life. So, I am challenging you—whatever year you are or if you are a professor or whoever, go out and do something cool in DC.

Below is a list of my usual excuses as to why I should stay in Foggy Bottom and here’s the advice that I wish I had given myself.

“It’s final season, I have to work”– 1. Study breaks are important so let your next study break be something cool in DC. 2. Why not try studying in a cool new place? A trendy café? A museum? 3. You need to eat so how about you go to a cool restaurant rather than something in your comfort zone.

“It’s too expensive” – 1. There’s a bunch of free stuff in DC. 2. Set yourself a budget. I did this and originally thought it would be limiting, but instead its led me to take advantage of more opportunities because I was comfortable staying within the budget I set.

“None of my friends are around”– Go by yourself. I was always worried that people would judge me for doing something alone, but in reality no one cares and being by yourself can be really nice.

“That’s out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to do it”– Sometimes it is fun to try something different. Even if you don’t like it, it may make for a funny memory and you never know, maybe you’ll love it.

So please go out and explore, I know I plan to once I’m back.

P.S-If you have any DC or London recommendations, let me know (not sure if you could tell but I like finding new things to do)