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General News

New Honors Course Added!

The UHP is excited to be adding a new Self & Society offering for this fall, “Human Rights: Here, There, and Everywhere” with Prof. Maria Restrepo. See details below!

Human Rights: Here, There, and Everywhere

Professor Maria Restrepo
HONR 2047:10 – 3 Credits
CRN: 27984
T 10:00-12:30 PM

Fulfills: CCAS Social Science; GWSB: Non-Business Elective/Unrestricted Elective; SEAS: Social Science

Course Description: The subject of Human Rights (HR) arguably lays bare the entire premise of liberal education itself. The issue of HR exposes us to the world outside our own circle of experience; and also requires us to make judgments, assessments, and interpretations of uncertain situations, often in settings where there are no clear penalties for wrong decisions or rewards for right ones. Certainly the claim of an expert that “Most students of Western developed countries have the luxury of forgetting about Human Rights” does not hold so true in today’s internet-enabled and interconnected society. This class grapples with these issues. It will teach you fresh skills to think critically about this important topic — whether it concerns ongoing situations ‘here, there or everywhere’.