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Research Assistant Opportunity

Gene-Environment Interplay Throughout the Lifespan [Research Assistantship]

Professor: Jody Ganiban


Department: Psychology


Title: Gene-Environment Interplay Throughout the Lifespan


Description: Description of Research: Our lab is interested in understanding the interplay between genes and the environment in development. We are currently looking for undergraduates to work with us on the following project:


Early Growth and Development Study (EGDS):

EGDS is a longitudinal adoption study interested in disentangling the effects

of genes, prenatal drug exposure, and parenting on child outcomes and family

adjustment. Opportunities for undergraduate research assistants include:

  •       Ordering, de-identifying and coding of child medical records.
  •       Other varied opportunities for data management/analysis and literature



Duties: Minimum qualifications: We are looking for undergraduate students (with a minimum GPA of 3.0) to work at least 10 hours per week. Accepted applicants will have to complete IRB human subjects training.


Method of Compensation: Research assistants may work on a volunteer basis or receive credit for PSY 3591 or 4591. Federal work study will also be considered. Our lab provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in developmental or clinical psychology, human development, biology, or medicine.


Time commitment: 10 or more hours per week (average)


Credit hour option*: 3


Submit Cover Letter/Resume to: ganiban@gwu.edu

*If credit is sought, all registration deadlines and requirements must be met. Students selected to be research assistants should contact Ben Faulkner at benfaulkner@gwu.edu whether they intend to pursue credit or not.