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Sharing Economy [Research Assistantship]

Professor: Marilyn Liebrenz-Himes


Department: Marketing


Title: Sharing Economy


Description: The Sharing Economy type of offerings (UBER, Airbnb, etc) burst on the scene several years ago, but are already a key part of not only the USA economy but other places around the world. Two other profs (not in marketing) and I have been exploring this type of offering, and are hoping to create a research paper(s) for major journals.


Duties: the research assistant would be asked to do a variety of research on various aspects of the sharing economy. While there are some physical books, most research would be online.


Time commitment: 4-6 hours per week (average)


Credit hour option*: 2


Submit Cover Letter/Resume to: liebrenz@gwu.edu

*If credit is sought, all registration deadlines and requirements must be met. Students selected to be research assistants should contact Ben Faulkner at benfaulkner@gwu.edu whether they intend to pursue credit or not.