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Food for Thought w/ Prof. Trullinger

Welcome back UHP!  Join us for our first Food for Thought of the semester on Friday, September 14 from 12:15-1:15 PM in the Club Room at the Townhouse. Food for Thoughts are a great way to get involved with the UHP community. At these events, UHP professors give a casual presentation on their individual research over a lunch. This month, we will be hearing from Professor Trullinger. Make sure to RSVP to save your seat and your lunch!
“Are We Finished?: Hope, Utopianism, and Human Unfinishedness”
Lately there doesn’t seem to be much of a basis for hope for the future. In my talk I will discuss the importance of utopianism for Latin American liberation theology, and how it offers us intriguing philosophical and theological reflections on the possibility of hope in the midst of hopeless situations. Utopianism challenges our sense of the limit of what is possible, underscoring the need to try what seems impossible. This will be tied to Paulo Freire’s theory that human beings are (or ought to be) eternal students, and by seeing ourselves as perpetually unfinished, we remain capable of radical change without losing the humility we need to avoid self-destruction.