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General News

Goodbye, UHP!

Dearest students, 

The new year is a time of new goals, new challenges, and new beginnings. In that spirit, I am writing to share with you all that I have accepted a position in the GWSB advising office, and my last day with the Honors Program will be this Friday, January 4th. During this time of transition, please direct advising questions to Ben Faulkner and miscellaneous UHP wonderings to uhp@gwu.edu.
Thank you all for making my time in the UHP full of fun, learning, meaning, and challenge (the good kind). Every day I have come to work looking forward to brainstorming solutions with you, celebrating your successes, and arguing about pop culture. I will miss those interactions, as well as the special and unique community shared by the students, staff, and faculty of the UHP.
I won’t be going far! While I hope to run into you on campus, please feel encouraged to keep in touch, find me on Facebook, or email me if you need a letter of recommendation or just want to grab coffee. 
I have truly loved working with you all. Thank you for making this such an amazing job to do each day.