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Extracurricular Opportunity

TEDxFoggyBottom2019 Offers Intellectually Stimulating Day of Activities

The UHP prides itself on being a place where students can gather to discuss important ideas that shape our future. On April 13th, 2019, GW students will get the opportunity to attend TEDxFoggyBottom 2019, with our theme this year being Reaction. We will explore how we react to our constantly changing world, and focus on the actions necessary to take responsibility for our future. Speakers include Jim Garvin, current Chief Scientist of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and Alakkuu, a Somali-American poet who will be presenting his work live on stage. There are 14 additional speakers, some of whom are yet to be announced! For further information, and if you would like to buy tickets, go to tedxfoggybottom.com, or contact UHP members Max Davidson, Lila Gaber, Eliza Wizer, and Alyssa Martindale. Tickets are $20.