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Research Assistant Opportunity

The Foreign of Brazil: From Discourse to the Facts [Research Assistant]

Professor: Diego Abente Brun

Department: Elliott School of International Affairs

Title: The Foreign of Brazil: From the Discourse to the Facts

Description: This project consists of following up the foreign policy decisions and positions of the Bolsanaro government and explore the congruence/incongruence between words and deeds. Especial emphasis will be paid to relations with Argentina. It implies also to compare and contrast his government’s foreign policy with that of previous governments and includes the analysis of the role of key institutions, chiefly Itamaraty, but also private actors such as business associations, the Congress, civil society organizations and the media.

1. To identify key issue-areas.( In close consultation with the Instructor)
2. To collect data and review the literature. (Portuguese and Spanish reading language proficiency required)
3. To trace and underline the difference and similarities with previous official positions.
4. To explore the likely course of events in the future.
5. To conclude with a summary of the key findings, the risks and opportunities they offer, and policy recommendations for other foreign actors such as the United States, Europe, and regional actors.
6. The project will be discussed with the instructor and may be adjusted based on the student’s interests.

Time commitment: 4-6 hours per week (average)

Credit hour option*: 2

Submit Cover Letter/Resume to: dabente@gwu.edu

*If credit is sought, all registration deadlines and requirements must be met. Students selected to be research assistants should contact Brianna Crayton (bcrayton@gwu.edu) whether they intend to pursue credit or not.