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Extracurricular Opportunity

Real Estate & Finance Alliance Application Open to Sophomores

REFA (Real Estate and Finance Alliance) is currently accepting applications for sophomores from all schools. REFA is a program that is sponsored by GWSB, with the goal of accelerating students into prestigious Investment Banking and Real Estate internships and full-time positions. REFA has had a 100% success rate in placing member students in these exclusive positions. There are 104 graduated REFA alumni, who make up the association of mentors to the REFA student class. They open the door to Wall Street finance and Real Estate.

The REFA program application is now open and available at the following link: https://go.gwu.edu/applyrefa2022

The selected candidates will participate in the in-person interviews (Superday Format) with the REFA Seniors and Juniors and GW staff on Thursday, September 26th (Real Estate) and on Friday, September 27th (Finance). Candidates will have phone interviews with alumni mentors between Friday, September 27th and Sunday, October 6th.

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions you may have. suzanne_dann@gwu.edu