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Food for Thought with Prof. Arun Malik

Professor Arun Malik and the city of Quito

Our second Food for Thought of the semester will be Friday, November 8, from 12-1pm. Professor Arun Malik, one of our Faculty Fellows who is teaching Natural Resources and Environmental Economics with us this semester, will be discussing his research on traffic congestion and air pollution in Quito, Ecuador. Reserve a spot for yourself here, and read more about the talk below:

Controlling Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution in Developing Countries: Policies and Pitfalls

Driving restrictions based on a vehicle’s license plate number are widely used in cities of the developing world to control traffic congestion and air pollution. In 2010, Quito, Ecuador joined the long list of cities that employ driving restrictions.  The results of research into Quito’s program will be presented. Quito’s program, unlike a number of others, appears to have been successful in reducing congestion and air pollution, but it has also resulted in an unanticipated increase in crime.