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My Favorite Tips to Boost Studying Productivity

Worried about the upcoming finals season? Don’t be! Peer Advisor Sarah has some excellent tips for you all to consider as you navigate this horrifying jumble of exams, papers, and presentation!

After enjoying a peaceful few days off for Thanksgiving break, you might come back to school and find yourself drowning in homework. You might have three papers, two finals, and a project due within the next couple of days.

Although it may feel overwhelming, and you might feel tempted to get right back on a train or plane and go back home, you can get everything done. With final season approaching, here are my favorite tips to increase productivity so that you can get the most done with the least amount of time.

  1. Make a schedule. It can be easy to spend all day working on the pretty, color coordinated study guide for your econ exam without starting the paper you have due the same day. Plan out how long you’re going to spend on one task, and plan when you’re going to switch to the next one.
  2. Get rid of the phone! When I’m studying, I usually give my phone to a friend and instruct her not to give it back no matter how much I beg. If that doesn’t work, there are apps to help you stop going on your phone. I use Flora, which lets you plant a garden, but kills the garden if you go on your phone (the guilt works).
  3. Find a spot that works for you. Whether that’s the quiet of Gelman fifth floor, or the more casual atmosphere of SEH, find a study spot where you can focus. I personally like studying next to windows.
  4. Change spots. Don’t stay in the same cubicle for eight hours. Just leaving the building and walking to a new location to study can clear your head and make you feel more awake.
  5. It’s okay to take breaks. If you are spending an entire day studying, you are not being your most productive. Take a break with your friends, or by yourself, and when you go back to Gelman you’ll be able to focus much better.


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