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From Bolivia-And Elsewhere-With Love [Study Ablog]

Sophia Lin a junior studying abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia this semester!

Baking and Bonding Events with the SPA!

Have a cookie, leave a cookie; need a cookie, take a cookie! That, and a chance to say “thank you!” (Or a just chance to draw a hand turkey…. or a chance to draw a hand turkey that says “thank you!”) These events are happening soon, so check them out now!

From Berlin With Love – Study Ablog

Roxanne Goldberg’s studies abroad in Berlin, where she curates a student exhibition and works directly with international artists.

#HonorsProblems-Going Home for the Summer

Kayleigh Ryherd tells you her best tips on putting your summer to use and molding it to fit your goals.

From Brazil With Love [Study Ablog]

“So many things that have come to define me have vanished. My activities, possessions, foods, friends, family, communities and language do not exist here. I finally understand the allure of traveling. It isn’t that it comes with a constant state of bliss, it’s that you must stand naked, loving and defining yourself from within.”

Bowling in Georgetown [Grassroots Event]

SPAs Jack and Kaley are organizing a trip to the swanky new bowling alley in Georgetown on Friday, April 4th!

#HonorsProblems–Registering for Classes Without Privileged Registration

UHPers don’t get privileged registration forever. Kate Kozak chimes in with her tips on how best to handle registering for classes when you find yourself registering with your regular credit-hour cohort.

From Just About Everywhere With Love [Study Ablog]

Julia Wagner tells us about studying abroad in Costa Rica, Argentina, India, Senegal, and more!

Red Cross Global Refugee Simulation and Conference

Do you like a challenge? Do you like mud? Have you ever wanted to try to cross an international border accidentally? Have you ever wanted to understand what it’s like to be a refugee? Have you ever imagined fleeing a zombie apocalypse? Are you interested in international humanitarian law?

Sit n’ Knit This Wednesday! [Grassroots Event]

Join UHPers Penina and Kate for a simple Sit ‘n’ Knit in the UHP clubroom tomorrow evening! Knitters, crochet-ers, and “never done it before but hey why not try it out”-ers all welcome!