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#HonorsProblems: The Kindness of Strangers and Other Nice Sentiments for Finals Season

Peer Advisor Tori shares a favorite experience from her semester abroad.

Apply to Be a Peer Advisor!

Advise and mentor perspective and incoming UHPers! Applications are due Monday, 1/28.

#HonorsProblems: FOMO and JOMO: Learning to Balance the Two

Peer Advisor Michelle gets deep reflecting on the fear (and joy) of missing out.

#HonorsProblems: Getting Stuck in the Foggy Bottom Bubble

Peer Advisor Linnea was shocked to realize she was trapped in the GW Bubble. Find out how she got out of it, and into the city!

#HonorsProblems: Learning to Be a Professional

Peer Advisor Anshul shares some lessons he has learned through his various internship experiences.

#HonorsProblems: Honors RA Life

Peer advisor Mark shares his experience as a Resident Advisor for the Honors West Hall community.

#HonorsProblems: Finding a Place for Yourself

Peer advisor Mary found her place to take a break from school stress volunteering for the Smithsonian!

#HonorsProblems: Social Scientists Unite!

Peer advisor Anna has some advising for aspiring social scientists.

#HonorsProblems: How to Study Abroad Without Going into Anaphylactic Shock

Peer advisor Ryan figured out how to make study abroad work for him, and you can too!

#HonorsProblems: Reflections from a Humble Research Assistant

Peer advisor Lucy shares her experience working as a research assistant!