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#HonorsProblems: To Intern or Not to Intern?

Peer Advisor Emily shares her struggles with deciding whether or not to intern spring of her sophomore year.

#HonorsProblems: Reflections of a Senior; or How I Learned the True Value of College

Peer advisor Benji reflects on the value of his GW education.

#HonorsProblems: Time Management Tips from a (Semi-)Reformed Procrastinator

Peer advisor Sydney has 6 quick tips to improve time management.

#HonorsProblems: You Don’t Have to Be Stressed to Be Doing It Right

Peer advisor Kaitlyn reminds students that you don’t have to be overwhelmed to be a good student.

#HonorsProblems: Obsessed with Checking off the Boxes? Don’t Be.

Peer advisor Brianna offers some advice about the value of flexibility in four year planning.

#HonorsProblems: Taking a Leap of Faith

Peer advisor Sophia encourages UHPers to take a leap of faith and try something new!

#HonorsProblems: Getting Back in the Groove

Peer Advisor Jonathan has some tips for getting back into school mode after a relaxing month off.

#HonorsProblems: Finding the Right Connection

Peer advisor Sean has advice for freshmen seeking internships.

#HonorsProblems: So You Want to Take 18 Credits?

Peer Advisor Bri has some tips for students debating an 18-credit courseload.

#HonorsProblems: Letting Go

Sometimes we outgrow things we love (or never really loved), and that’s okay! Peer Advisor’s Ellen has got your back.