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#HonorsProblems: Getting Back in the Groove

Peer Advisor Jonathan has some tips for getting back into school mode after a relaxing month off.

#HonorsProblems: Finding the Right Connection

Peer advisor Sean has advice for freshmen seeking internships.

#HonorsProblems: So You Want to Take 18 Credits?

Peer Advisor Bri has some tips for students debating an 18-credit courseload.

#HonorsProblems: Letting Go

Sometimes we outgrow things we love (or never really loved), and that’s okay! Peer Advisor’s Ellen has got your back.

#HonorsProblems: Graduating Early

Peer advisor Kate has some tips for anyone planning on graduating early.

#HonorsProblems: When Extracurriculars Are Too Extra

Peer advisor Gwen has some advice for how to prevent extracurriculars from taking over your life.

#HonorsProblems: Losing the Forest for the Trees – Breathe, People!

Peer Advisor Gabe warns against get too career-oriented too soon.


Peer Advisor Ryan has messed everything up, and has some advice about what to do next.

#HonorsProblems: How to Get Over That Post-Midterm Drag

Peer advisor Melanie has some advise for how to relax in the post-medterms downtime.

#HonorsProblems: Admitting You’re Doing Too Much

Peer advisor Chrissy recognizes that the first step is admitting you have a problem (with overcommitment).