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Honors Cords, Grad Reception, and the Senior Survey

Do all the pre-graduation Honors things!

Spring 2018 Research Showcase

See what your fellow Honors students have been up to this year!

Benchmarking Your Career Development

Join us Thursday, 4/12 at 7PM in West Hall!

Hike Mary’s Rock with Prof. Ralkowski!

It’s that time of year, folks! The air is crisp and warm (JK it’s literally supposed to snow this weekend), and finals are right around the corner. Spring has (kinda) sprung! Get out of the city and into nature with the UHP’s annual hike! This year, we’re heading to Mary’s Rock. Prof. Ralkowski and TRAiLS […]

Breakfast with Ben

Have breakfast with Ben and share your ideas for career, research, and specialized programming!

Study Abroad Info Session

Get the basic rundown on all things study abroad!

The Future of Journalism w/ Prof. Usher

Join us in Webb Hall on 4/3 at noon!

Food for Thought with Professor Aviv

Join us in the Club Room on Friday, 4/6 at noon.

Food for Thought w/ Prof. Buntman

Prof. Buntman will discuss “Repression, Resistance and the Rule of Law in Shaping Prisons” this Friday in the Club Room

UHP Symposium: George Washington: Representing the Character of a President

Students from Prof. Pollack’s “Classical Mythology in Art” class will present their research on Thursday, 3/22.