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Join an E-Board, Empower Women Leaders!

Interested in women’s leadership and empowerment? Want to get more involved on campus? The GW Women’s Leadership Network (GW-WLN) is looking for next year’s E-Board! GW-WLN is a relatively new student org on campus (founded by a fellow UHP-er!), but has managed to make a name for itself in its first year, hosting successful events […]

Get Published in UMN’s Honors Journal

Apply to get published in an Honors academic journal!

Hudson Institute Political Studies 2017 Fellowship

Spend your summer in DC studying politics and political thought! Applications due 2/17.

“Tocqueville and Liberty” Discussion Colloquium

UHPers are invited to attend this colloquium, hosted by Prof. Christov and Prof. Goldman of the Politics & Values program.

Apply to Join the Program Board

Apply to join the UHP Program Board to help plan and execute fun and creative events! Applications are due by 9/15.

GW Sigma Nu and the Helping Hand Scholarship

Hello, everyone! Welcome to GW and the University Honors Program! My name is Arian Rubio, and I am a proud member of the UHP and the Sigma Nu fraternity chapter’s Recruitment Chair here at GW. One of my favorite things about being a member of both is that both the UHP and the fraternity highlight […]

Liberalism and the Fatal Conceit Discussion Colloquium

Together with the Charles Koch Foundation, and with the support of the John Templeton Foundation, the Institute for Humane Studies will host a seminar titled “Mises and Hayek: Liberalism and The Fatal Conceit,” in Arlington, VA, from Friday, September 9 – Saturday, September 10. Area undergraduates and early-stage graduate students are encouraged to apply. The seminar will follow the […]

The Future of Freedom in the Developing World [Recommended Event]

Join the Politics and Values program for this interdisciplinary lecture on Monday, 4/25 on the Vern!

GW Debate & Literary Society [Suggested Event]

Do you know about GW’s Debate and Literary Society? Check out some of the projects they’re working on!

Jamaica and South Africa Service-Learning Opportunity

One Heart Source is currently accepting applications for their 2016 Volunteer Programs. They are offering immersive 1, 2 and 4 week service-learning programs in Jamaica and South Africa this summer! As an OHS Volunteer you will: Develop the international experience graduate schools and employers look for Gain skills in academic tutoring, international communication, and community outreach Mentor […]