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1968 Initative

CCAS’s “1968 Initiative” celebrates the 50th anniversary of a ground-shifting year in DC, the US, and the world!

Yale Undergraduate International Policy Competition

Compete against other students in a test of wit (and international policy) at Yale!

Movement Exchange Program Director

Movement Exchange, a non-profit and US Embassy sponsored organization, is looking for passionate students to join us in Panama or Brazil for an international dance exchange. Since 2010, Movement Exchange has been uniting dance and community service, bringing communities together through movement. This summer, we are organizing two international volunteer opportunities to Panama and Brazil […]

Go to Greece w/ Prof. Ralkowski!

Study Ancient philosophy in Greece with Prof. Ralkowski this summer!

Apply and Submit to the GW Undergraduate Review!

Get published in the GW Undergraduate Review! Applications are due 2/28.

Apply to Be a Peer Advisor!

Be an ambassador and mentor to next year’s freshman class.

George Washington University Social Media Study Recruitment

Participate in a study to find effective ways to help students lose weight, a GW study in partnership with UMass Boston and funded by NIH.

Submit to The GW Scientific Review

Submit your work to the GW Scientific Review, founded by UHPer Maggie!

Join an E-Board, Empower Women Leaders!

Interested in women’s leadership and empowerment? Want to get more involved on campus? The GW Women’s Leadership Network (GW-WLN) is looking for next year’s E-Board! GW-WLN is a relatively new student org on campus (founded by a fellow UHP-er!), but has managed to make a name for itself in its first year, hosting successful events […]

Get Published in UMN’s Honors Journal

Apply to get published in an Honors academic journal!