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Welcome From Professor Creppell

January 2019 Dear University Honors Program Students, Happy new year & welcome back from the holidays! I hope you’ve had a restful break and return with replenished energy for the spring semester. I am delighted to become Interim Director of the University Honors Program. Over the past eight years, serving as Deputy Director and teaching […]

2019 Strasser Writing Prize

The UHP is now accepting your entries for the 2017 Strasser Writing Prize! The Strasser prize awards a grand prize of $100 and two runner-ups of $50 to the best papers written in any Honors course over the past year.  You can only enter one paper, so make sure it’s your best! Submit your entry here after reading the full […]

Honors Contract Due Fri, 2/8

If you’re taking a contract course this semester, make sure to get your Honors Contract complete. How do you know if you need to complete an Honors Contract? If your spring plans include pursuing any of these things FOR CREDIT through the Honors Program: Internship, Undergraduate Research, Research Assistantship, Senior Thesis (Not the same as Special Honors in […]

Take a Second Look at These Research Assistantships

Looking for ways to round out your fall semester? Interested in getting involved with research at GW? Take a second look at these research assistantships for the fall! Tom Geurts Annamarie Lusardi Shoko Hamano Arie Dubnov

Be a research assistant to Prof. Arie Dubnov and work on Fallen Soldiers: The creation of Israel’s commemoration culture.

Professor: Arie Dubnov Department: History Title: Fallen Soldiers: The creation of Israel’s commemoration culture Description: Fallen Soldiers: The creation of Israel’s commemoration culture Unlike the Veterans Day in the USA, “Yom Hazikaron”, the Israeli Memorial Day for fallen soldiers, takes a different mood and meaning and is even considered a key element of Israeli civil […]

Take a Second Look at These Spring Courses

Check out these classes with available seats as you finish ironing out your spring schedule.

Goodbye, UHP!

Mary prepares to say goodbye to the UHP!

#HonorsProblems: The Kindness of Strangers and Other Nice Sentiments for Finals Season

Peer Advisor Tori shares a favorite experience from her semester abroad.

Apply to Be a Peer Advisor!

Advise and mentor perspective and incoming UHPers! Applications are due Monday, 1/28.

Hey, You Should Really Be in Honors!

Freshmen in their second semester at GW are invited to apply to join the Honors Program!