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#HonorsProblems: Finding a Place for Yourself

Peer advisor Mary found her place to take a break from school stress volunteering for the Smithsonian!

#HonorsProblems: Social Scientists Unite!

Peer advisor Anna has some advising for aspiring social scientists.

#HonorsProblems: How to Study Abroad Without Going into Anaphylactic Shock

Peer advisor Ryan figured out how to make study abroad work for him, and you can too!

#HonorsProblems: In Just 250 Words…

Peer Advisor Shubha writes about her experience applying to the Public Health major.

#HonorsProblems: Setting Your Non-Negotiables

Peer advisor Nicky has some wise words about finding opportunities that work for you.

#HonorsProblems: No Sleep? No Problem.

Peer advisor Michelle learned a whole lot about her planned career in law from viewing a Supreme Court oral argument last year.

#HonorsProblems: How to Put a Meaningful Summer into Your Four Year Plan

Peer advisor Clare has tips for freshman thinking about summer options for their four year plans!

#HonorsProblems: Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Peer Advisor Mel has some tips for getting back in the academic mindset, which seems to get just a little bit harder every year.

#HonorsProblems: Sorry to Burst Your (GW) Bubble

Peer advisor Allie has some advice for how to get out of the GW bubble

#HonorsProblems: Teach ‘Em How to Say Goodbye

Peer advisor Sammi prepares to say goodbye to DC. Next stop, graduation!