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Knot Theory: Editing and Programming [Research Assistantship]

Be a research assistant to Prof. Jozef Przytycki and work on Knot Theory: Editing and Programming.

The Rise of Unskilled Poor Mega-Cities in Developing Countries [Research Assistantship]

Department: Economics and International Affairs (ESIA) Professor Remi Jedwab The Project: I’m a specialist of urban issues in developing countries. In various papers, I have studied the causes and consequences of fast urbanization in Africa, focusing on demographic and economic factors. You can find my research here: http://home.gwu.edu/~jedwab/ I would like to keep working on this topic, and […]

American Muslims: History, Culture, and Politics [Research Assistantship]

Department: Religion Professor Irene Oh Koukios The Project: The project involves both research on the topic of American Muslims, and translating that research into a multi-media online format. The research is an extension of a Summer Institute sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities that centers around two important questions: What impact has American culture had […]

Gender, War, and History: Women Fighters and Victims in World War II and the Holocaust [Research Assistantship]

Department of Sociology Professor Daina Eglitis The Project: “Gender, War, and History” is a historical and sociological project that focuses on women volunteers in the Red Army in World War II and women victims of Nazi Germany in the Holocaust. The project highlights the idea that women’s particular motivations and experiences have been obscured by larger, male-centered […]

Gun Control, The Empirical Controversy [Research Assistantship]

Department: Sociology Professor Robert J. Cottrol The Project:  For this I would want an undergraduate familiar with basic social science research techniques including the ability to do basic literature reviews. The student should also have a knowledge of elementary statistics such as might be gained from the undergraduate statistics course in sociology, political science or other social […]

Regulatory Policy: Understanding the White House’s Office for Regulatory Oversight [Research Assistantship]

Department: Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration Professor Chris Carrigan   The Project: This research project is aimed at understanding the impact of the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) on the regulatory review process. We are analyzing both how OIRA’s preferences shape regulatory outcomes and when the agency is most influential […]

Is Executive Function Associated with Academic Functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorder? [Research Assistantship]

Department: Speech and Hearing Sciences; Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Professors Greg Wallace, PhD; Lauren Kenworthy, PhD   The Project: Executive function (EF) is an omnibus term describing supramodal, higher-order cognitive abilities including working memory, planning, flexibility, and organization, all in the service of problem-solving and behavioral regulation. It is now well-established that EF skills are […]

African Diaspora Project [Research Assistantship]

Professor Yvonne Captain The Project:  Researching the whereabouts and movement (migration) of African Diaspora communities in the Americas, including those who are descendants of slaves in the United States. Of special interest is the migration of Creoles of Louisiana to other parts of the United States and to other regions of the Americas.   Tasks:  –Mine […]

A Reform to Help Congress Work Better [Research Assistantship]

Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration Professor Stuart Kasdin   The Project: This project involves historic research using the Congressional Record. The goal is to produce an academic paper, in which the student could receive shared authorship. The paper would examine the potential impacts of a particular reform to the Congressional budget process: […]

Strategic Behavior by Federal Agencies in the Allocation of Public Resources [Research Assistantship]

Department: Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration Professor Stuart Kasdin   Description: Our project examines how federal agencies respond when there is a change in the partisan control of Congress. Do government agencies allocate program resources so as to best accomplish program goals, without regard to the political party affiliations of those in […]