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You’ve Got Your Head in the Clouds [Sherpa]

Dear Sherpa, It was 75° on Tuesday and it’s getting to be that time of the year where I spend all my time in the classroom staring out the window and longing for the beautiful outdoors. I pray that a professor will hold class outside and frankly can’t stand to spend more than five minutes […]

Not Necessarily a Sophomore Slump [Sherpa]

Dear Sherpa, I’ve only been back at school for a week, but I already feel like I need another break. Everyone seems to be excited to be back in DC, or to be studying abroad, or to have a cool new internship, but I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. Even Netflix seems boring! […]

The Perils of Planning [Sherpa]

The Sherpa helps a student find the balance between under-planning and over-planning.

Sherpa at the Monument

A New Adventure Awaits [Sherpa]

A student is anxious about coming to DC, but Sherpa knows that that the nation’s capital is treasure ready for the taking!

Wondering “What If?” [Ask the Sherpa]

If you’re feeling uncertain about what path to follow, what courses to take, or what major to select, Sherpa has some advice for you.


Turkey Tension Turns Traumatic? [Ask the Sherpa]

Thanksgiving is a day to gorge yourself on an unhealthy amount of food. Don’t ruin it with unfinished homework!

Roommate Agreements and Getting Real [Ask the Sherpa]

Sherpa explains why you should take your roommate agreement seriously, how to live with different personalities, and that you should never trust a man with 14 fingers.

Difficult is Doable [Ask the Sherpa]

In this edition, Sherpa helps a student understand that difficult is okay, that difficult is doable, and something about the moon landing.

Well, I Do Declare [Ask the Sherpa]

Declaring your major can feel like you’re about to enter a whole new world.